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Copper Crown Trading CC trading as SMI

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SMI | Industrial Knitted Mesh Products

Knitted Wire Mesh:

Wire is knitted mechanically according to the basic principles of the French Knitting process.

Types of Mesh:

A wide variety of material could be knitted to suit the application like various grades of stainless steel, various types of plastic, copper, aluminium and  in diameters from 0,1mm up to around 0,5mm.

The dimensions of the knitted wire mesh could vary from a thin cord to hollow core tubes to flattened tubes with diameters from ±20mm up to over a meter.

Wire Mesh could also be knit with more than one filament at a time where both filaments could be of the same material to provide a more rigid mesh, or where two different types of material are knitted together for specific purpose like for instance oil separation from water.

Properties & Configurations:

There are several forms or configurations of knitted wire mesh like the double layer as per the flattened tube, or the tube could be cut open to provide a wider single layer of flat mesh.

The mesh could also be corrugated in order to achieve specific results required by some applications.

In corrugated or crimped form the knitted wire mesh has more resilience and could act like cushions or springs or even vibration dampers.

Knitted wire mesh could also be compressed in purpose-made dies to form rings, pads etc. that are utilized as seals, air breathers, heat exchangers, vibration dampers, spacers, silencers etc.

Packed or stacked in a pre-determined manner wire mesh could act as filtration media and demystifying coalescing media.


Knitted Mesh in its various forms and configurations are inter alia used in the following applications:


A vast range of products are made from knitted wire mesh as described below:

Demisters & Coalescers:

Used to coalesce gas, retain particles or separate moisture in process plants with minimum pressure drop and flow restriction, we can manufacture top quality products as specified by end-user including:


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Panel Filters & Grease Eliminators:

Made from either Galvanized steel or Stainless Steel these filters are mainly used in cooker hoods, spray booths and primary air filtration systems.

These filters effectively remove and accumulate unwanted particles like paint overspray, dust and also grease. Once saturated these filters could be cleaned and re-used.

These filters are made to customer specification in terms of size, thickness and material type.

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Electro Winning Cathodes:

These Cathodes are made according to customer specification in terms of size, density and type of material and are used to collect particles of precious metals like gold by means of an electrolytic process.

These Cathodes could be re-used several times until corroded by the chemical bath it operates in.

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Compressed Components:

Knitted Mesh could be successfully shaped and compressed into various densities, shapes, sizes and materials. These components are commonly used in a wide variety of applications like:

Automotive Exhaust Systems:

Due to its flexibility and rigidity compressed mesh seals are used to act as flexible medium in flexible joints that connects the moving engine of a car to the exhaust system that is fixed to the structure of the car.

Certain catalytic converter manufacturers use similar but softer rings as cushions that position the brittle and fragile ceramic brick away from the outer stainless steel shell that could easily crunch or destroy the platinum

coated element during assembly and use.

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